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Sponsorship Announcement

Sponsorship Announcement

Becky Dunbar9 Feb - 09:58
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For Farmers sponsor Liverpool Collegiate Bluebirds!

We're thrilled to announce our newest sponsor, For Farmers!
Their commitment to the future of farming aligns perfectly with our values at Liverpool Collegiate Bluebirds. With innovative feed solutions for both conventional and organic livestock farming, For Farmers stands for sustainability and supporting farmers for a better tomorrow.

Their mission, "For the Future of Farming," resonates deeply with us. We're excited to unveil our new away kit, proudly supported by For Farmers, during our upcoming top pitch match on 6th Jan 2024 against Wirral Warriors. This partnership signifies our shared dedication to progress, efficiency, and healthier livestock.

Here's to a fantastic rest of the season ahead, powered by a partnership focused on excellence and sustainability! Thank you, For Farmers, for joining us on this exciting journey!

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